World Zombie Day 2015

Once again, the living dead rise to the occasion!  

Since 2006, horror fans have come together to collect food donations at worldwide charity “zombie walks”

WORLD ZOMBIE DAY falls on Saturday, October 17, 2015 this year. Participants in cities all over the world will dress up as zombies while collecting food for local food banks. Last year, 15,458 participants set a new world record for "Largest Gathering of Zombies" in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This year should see even greater numbers of the undead congregating all around the globe.

World Zombie Day is an international event that grew from Pittsburgh’s first Zombie Walk at Monroeville Mall in 2006, which was organized by Mark Menold as part of a promotion for a local television show. Held on the site where George Romero filmed Dawn of the Dead, this event drew nearly 1000 people in zombie make-up and established a Guinness World Record® for “Largest Gathering of Zombies.” The participants were encouraged to bring donations for the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank and more than 2000 pounds of food were collected that day.

In 2008, Mr. Menold founded World Zombie Day in response to other cities’ attempts to beat Pittsburgh’s record. Instead of competing for a world record, all fans of zombie culture can come together in an international effort to relieve world hunger. Pittsburgh has since established itself as the headquarters of this international phenomenon.

Pittsburgh’s Zombie Walk has established three World Records over the years and has garnered international press coverage, The Discovery Channel, The Travel Channel, and a front-page story in the Wall Street Journal. More than 50 cities worldwide have participated in World Zombie Day, including New York, London, Paris, Hong Kong, and Tokyo. Expected to participate this year are New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Dallas, Seattle, London and many, many more.

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